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About LWV Huntington

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Our calendar is crowded with opportunities for you to join us in registering members of our community to vote and educating our neighbors on important issues. This year we are returning to area colleges and high schools, senior centers, and local festivals.  Give us call to get involved!

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The LWV of Huntington is an active and vibrant nonpartisan voluntary organization. Our mission is to encourage and engage citizens into being active and educated participants in government. We never ever support a politician or party. However, if after a careful and thorough study of an issue, we do come to a consensus, we advocate and lobby for it as well as lobbying and advocating for the national and state league legislative positions.

Democracy is not a spectator sport and we in the LWV of Huntington are definitely not spectators. We do voter registration drives, sponsor candidate nights, engage students in programs at their schools, help register new citizens at naturalization ceremonies, visit our elected politicians, attend Huntington Town Board meetings, do programs on the environment, health care, government, etc.

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Save The Dates April 7 2020

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For nearly 100 years our members have made the League of Women Voters winning, independent, and strong. The League has been at the forefront of empowering citizens to fully participate in the democratic process.  It is one of most respected and effective grassroots political organizations in the nation. Since its inception in 1920, the League has been free from ties to political parties or candidates for public office.  Your membership with the LWV Huntington unites you with over 700 Leagues in making democracy work. The League is are active at the local, county, state, and national level.  The League is active in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

In 2018, member dues supported the League of Women Voters of Huntington in:

  • Registering over 1,000 voting age citizens at high schools, colleges, US Naturalization Ceremonies, skilled nursing facilities, community events, public libraries, and centers serving special needs adults
  • Informing voters through Meet the Candidate Night forums for the Huntington Township Supervisor Primary Election, Suffolk County Legislature Election, the Huntington Township Supervisor, Council, and Superintendent of Highways Elections, and a number of Board of Education elections. For this work, the LWVNY granted us an honorable mention for the Susan B. Anthony Making Democracy Work Award.
  • Meeting with Town, County, State, and Federal elected officials to educate and advocate in support of League positions on voting law, voter turnout, community development, and environmental protection.
  • Inspiring hundreds of young people towards greater civic participation through programs such as Vote 18, Students Inside Albany, and Student Day at Suffolk County Legislatureprograms. Our Running & Winning program to encourage girls to run for public office is scheduled for 2018. The LWVNY granted us with the Eleanor Roosevelt Youth Program Award for our service. 
Connect with League Members Across the Nation

Your Huntington League membership dues support all levels of League activity. LWV Huntington members and automatically become a member of the Suffolk County, New York State and the United States League of Women Voters. In addition to receiving The Huntington Voter newsletter you will be connected to all County, State, and National League communications. And know that the membership dues you send today will keep you in good standing through June 30, 2019! 

If you want to join us in making a real difference, please take a moment to complete our membership application to let us know all the ways you would like to be involved.  To join just download the following image or click PDF iconhere to download our Membership Application form. Please print it, fill it out, and mail it along with your dues check to: League of Women Voters of Huntington, PO Box 20693, Huntington Station, NY 11746. to join us today!


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Activities Calendar

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Youth Programs 2020

We are very proud of the expansive work our Youth Committee does engaging high school and middle school students in a variety of activities.  This year is a particularly busy one with a number of excellent programs planned.  These include: 

  1. Students Inside Albany isa program sponsored by the League of Women Voters of New York.  Local high school students are encouraged to enter an essay contest about their interest in government and politics.  One or two students are selected by Leagues around New York State to participate in an all-expense-paid trip to Albany where they spend time shadowing their state representatives, watching legislative proceedings and touring the state house.
  2. Students Inside Suffolk County is a program sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Suffolk County, ILO.  A group of civic-minded high school students from local high schools attend a day at the Suffolk County Legislature in Hauppauge.  They meet with their county representatives, listen to a presentation on an important issue and break out into groups to prepare a mock debate with students playing the role of legislators and other community officials.
  3. Running and Winning is a day-long workshop for high school girls from various school districts on Long Island.  The participants learn what it takes for a woman to enter the political arena and run for office.  A panel of women who have run for office at various levels of government speak to the girls about their experiences.  The participants are broken into several groups and work together to create a political campaign for a virtual candidate.  They decide on the office, develop a profile of the candidate, develop a position on an issue or two, write a slogan, choose a group member to portray the candidate and give a brief speech outlining her positions on issues. 
  4. Vote 18 is an interactive 40-minute program designed for high school seniors.  Members of our League go to area high schools to present this lesson that includes a section on the history of voting in the US, a discussion of the students’ positions on selected issues of importance to them such as gun control, immigration, student loans, and legalization of marijuana. This is followed by a mock debate, election and finally voter registration.
  5. Vote 13 is an interactive lesson for middle school students.
  6. 100 Years of Women Voting: A Creative Arts Challenge:  Co-sponsored with the Town of Huntington, this is a contest for high school students focusing on the struggle for women’s suffrage. Their art projects may be in any medium:  poster, dance, music, essay, sculpture, etc. An awards ceremony is planned for April 7, 2020.

Contact us at LWVHuntingtonNY@gmail.com if you want to join in on any of these activities.  These programs are fun and informative for all involved.

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Issues Education

Water Quality Conference

Many thanks to the Northport Yacht Club Women's Committee and the Greater Huntington Council of Yacht and Boating Clubs for permitting us to videotape their presentation on the quality of our bays. Link to: the presentation at https://youtu.be/2XkjzZKkg5Q to view. Speakers: Dr Christopher Gobler, Endowed Chair of Coastal Ecology and Conservation, SUNY School of Marine and Atmospheric Services, Dorian Dale. Suffolk County Director of Sustainability, Chief Recovery Officer, Tracy Brown, Director, Save the Sound, Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director Citizens Campaign for the Environment, and Ian Milligan, Trustee, Commissioner of Waterways and Waste Water, Northport Village.

Shedding the light on political issues is central to the League of Women Voters of Huntington education and advocacy activities. Our nonpartisan policy requires us to guard against the application of biased or imbalanced information. Therefore, the League of Women Voters of Huntington is conducting programs to help the members of our community become informed on issues that are vital to the general well-being of society and are at the forefront of today's politics. The initial series focused on the current and future state of health care policy.

The State of US Health Care Policy

Presentation Date: January 25, 2017 

Watch Presentation (YouTube) 

The League of Women Voters of Huntington examine the logic behind our nation's policy to expand its citizen's access to health insurance coverage. We compare the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to Rep. Tom Price's and Rep. Paul Ryan's bills to replace ACA. We also look at how successful ACA has been in meetings its goals in improving the quality, cost, and access to health insurance coverage. Presenter: Colette Knuth, PhD, League of Women Voters of Huntington

Health Policy Voices from the Front

Presentation Date: March 8, 2017 

Watch Presentation

Meeting to gain insight about the implementation of health care policy from the perspectives of patients, medical providers, employers, health insurers, and public policymakers.   Overview: Colette Knuth, PhD, League of Women Voters of Huntington Panelists: Nicole Christensen, MS, CEO, Care Answered Kathy Giffuni, MSN, RN-BC, NE-BC, Nurse Manager, Dolan Family Health Center Michael B Grosso, MD, FAAP, Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer, Huntington Hospital Lauren Licausi, MA, Director of Human Resources of Cedar Realty Trust William R. "Doc" Spencer, MD, Suffolk County Legislator  Jeff Weiner, CEO of HKM Associates Insurance Services

Medicare & Medicaid Myth Busting

Presentation Date: April 8, 2017 

Watch Presentation

Meeting to describe the basic components of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, provide evidence that confirms or refutes leading beliefs about the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and to identify strategies to navigate participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  Overview: Colette Knuth, PhD, League of Women Voters of Huntington Panelists:  Michele L. Albohn, CMP, In Good Hands Medicaid Consulting LLC Nancy Gaska, President, WizdomCare Senior Solutions

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Media Resources

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Watch full length videos of LWVH events, including Meet the Candidates forums, on our YouTube Channel. youtube logo


LWV Huntington Voter

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Officers of LWV Huntington

Open Position

1st Vice President
Brenda J. Walker

2nd Vice President
Dianne Slavin

Erica West

Joyce Whitehead

Editor of Voter
Brenda J. Walker 

Elected Directors
Deborah Cosher 
Arlene Forwand 
Nancy Holliday 
Fran Hyde 
Isabelle Pullis 
Rosemarie Sepanski 
Lizbeth Thalheimer

Appointed Directors
JoAnn Alario-Paulsen
Patricia Fuchs
Stephanie Quarles
Barbara Raisch

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Contact Us

We welcome inquiries about our work and how we can help you make democracy work. Feel free to email us at lwvhuntingtonny@gmail.com or telephone us at (631) 257-7001 if you have questions about the League of Women Voters of Huntington.

President Open Position
Issues + Advocacy Committee Chairs Liz Thalheimer
Stephanie Quarles
Voter Service Committee Chairs  Deborah Cosher 
Dianne Slavin
Youth Committee Chairs Deborah Cosher 
Mary Speed-Perri
Kathleen Cleary - Co-chair
Nancy Holliday - Co-chair
Membership Committee Chairs Isabelle Pullis
Erica West
Nominating Committee Chair Mary Speed-Perri


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